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What is HTML to Text?

HTML to Text is an online tool that is specifically designed to extract plain text from HTML code. It is not just another simple tool to strip HTML tags. With HTML to Text, you can quickly and easily remove all HTML markup and convert all HTML special characters, leaving behind only the properly formatted plain text.

The tool is useful for anyone who needs to clean up text that has been copied and pasted from a webpage, email, or any other source that includes HTML formatting. For example, you may want to use the plain text results in your grammar checker, a plagiarism finder, or for other purposes.

It is smart enough to produce decent conversion results — even for minified HTML.

It works where other tools fail — compare and see for yourself!

How it works

Our HTML to Text converter uses an advanced algorithm and automatically performs a set of operations:

* Optionally, you can leave the values of the alt and title attributes by selecting the appropriate checkbox. If enabled, these values will be [in the square brackets].

You also have the option to add the values of the title and meta description tags to the output.